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Thursday, 19 November 2015 23:58

Somali MPs Vote For Kenya's Forces To Leave Somalia

Written by Abdirisak
The Somali Parliament on Saturday overwhelmingly voted for a motion that compels the Kenya government to withdraw its forces from Somalia. At least 160 MPs voted for the motion, in which they singled out the Kenya Defence Forces and demanded they leave the country forthwith. The MPs raised concerns concerning the latest report accusing Kenya's military of illegal involvement in the sugar and charcoal trade and Kenya's ongoing plans to build a 440-mile wall along its border with Somalia. Two reports have claimed KDF involvement in contraband trade in recent times - one from the UN in 2014 and last…
Ft: Paris was struck by co-ordinated attacks on Friday night, causing chaos in the French capital in one of the deadliest terrorist atrocities on a western city since September 11. President François Hollande declared that “several dozen” had died as he appeared on television to declare a state of emergency, deploying the military around Paris and closing France’s borders. At least six attacks began in busy and popular areas of the capital around 10pm local time. shootings targeted a concert hall near Place de la République and two other nearby restaurants in the 10th and 11th arrondissement, while two explosions…
This week 22 soldiers from the Somaliland Coast Guard boarded a small vessel in the culmination of their maritime training executed by the HDMS Absalon in support of NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield in collaboration with European Union capacity building mission EUCAP Nestor. The training focused on force protection, vessel search, visitation and careful evidence compiling. These are all crucial facets of a qualified maritime boarding – a skill specialized to a great extend by the Danish crew through numerous deployments in NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield, NATO said. A fine proficiency in English shown by the Somaliland Coast Guard facilitated a…
Saturday, 31 October 2015 11:52

Is Somaliland Still a Good News Story? ANALYSIS

Written by Abdirisak
By Simon Allison:- In Somaliland, most politicians are known by their nicknames. So President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud is 'Silanyo,' which translates to 'skinny lizard' - a throwback to his youth when he was tall and slim. President Silanyo is not skinny anymore, however, and nor should he be president - his term in office was supposed to expire on 26 June 2015. But after the scheduled elections were repeatedly postponed, Silanyo is still in charge, and no one is particularly surprised. Although Somaliland is famed for its regular, peaceful elections - an oasis of peace and democracy in a region…
Human Rights Center strongly condemns the arrest of Mohamed Abdilahi Soo fadhiiste, editor-in-chief of Berbera Today website, and reporter for Somali Cable television. Mohamed was arrested on 24th September at Berbera after he aired report concerning public outcry against government ministers who participated in Eid festival at Berbera, sources at Berbera confirmed to HRC. The report covered shouting protesting against the ministers who in the Eid prayers talked about controversial proposed transfer of Petroleum Tanks in Berbera. The government suggested to privatize government owned Petroleum tanks in Berbera port. Arrest of journalists is recurrent practice contrary to the constitution of…
Tuesday, 22 September 2015 05:41

Janet Jackson Converts To Islam.

Written by Abdirisak
The 49-year-old singer - who married Muslim billionaire, Wissam Al Mana, 40, in 2012 - is reportedly taking the religion so seriously that she has even toned down her raunchy costumes and dance moves for her comeback tour. A source told The Sun: ''She feels like she has found a home with her new religion and has told members of her family, who completely respect her choice. ''She has spent a great deal of time studying the religion and its followers. ''The days of raunchy dance moves and sexual lyrics are long gone for Janet.'' The newspaper reports that Janet…
The relationship between Somaliland and Somalia is at the same stage as in 1960 prior to the non-ratified union of 1st July. Somaliland has once again attained its sovereignty due to the collapse of the union with Somalia, whilst Somalia (Italian Somaliland) is once again under a form of a trusteeship, this time not under the United Nations but the African Union. Somaliland has managed to revive its national institutions and they are more or less similar to those existing prior to non-ratified union of 1960 with Somalia. Meanwhile Somalia has reverted to the exact political climate of the days…
Hargeysa(ramaas) 15.12.2014:-The RRU (Rapid Reaction Unit ) has been used for political purposes in many occasions. RRU confronted with peaceful protestors in Hargeisa on 15th November 2014, which was also the day they occupied and hijacked the parliament, ,13th April 2014, 28th December 2013 which was the day they fired live bullets indiscriminately at people protesting against water shortages in Hargeisa and 6th December 2012 which was the day they confronted Xaqsoor supporters ,several young people were killed and dozens were injured. The RRU has been used to hijack and occupy the Somaliland Houses of Parliament on 15th November 2015.…
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