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The relationship between Somaliland and Somalia is at the same stage as in 1960 prior to the non-ratified union of 1st July. Somaliland has once again attained its sovereignty due to the collapse of the union with Somalia, whilst Somalia (Italian Somaliland) is once again under a form of a trusteeship, this time not under the United Nations but the African Union. Somaliland has managed to revive its national institutions and they are more or less similar to those existing prior to non-ratified union of 1960 with Somalia. Meanwhile Somalia has reverted to the exact political climate of the days…
Hargeysa(ramaas) 15.12.2014:-The RRU (Rapid Reaction Unit ) has been used for political purposes in many occasions. RRU confronted with peaceful protestors in Hargeisa on 15th November 2014, which was also the day they occupied and hijacked the parliament, ,13th April 2014, 28th December 2013 which was the day they fired live bullets indiscriminately at people protesting against water shortages in Hargeisa and 6th December 2012 which was the day they confronted Xaqsoor supporters ,several young people were killed and dozens were injured. The RRU has been used to hijack and occupy the Somaliland Houses of Parliament on 15th November 2015.…
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Cangratulation To Mohamed Abdullahi Omar

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It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, former foreign minister of Somaliland, on his appointment by the European Union and African Union as their senior adviser on issues of security and peace in conflict affected Countries of Africa. The appointment is not only a great honor for Dr. Omar but also recognition of Somaliland’s achievements in terms of peace building, democracy and economic development. Dr Omar is a dedicated, honesty diplomat with excellent diplomatic skills. During his time in office as minister of foreign affairs and as minister of Trade and international investment he…
According to German biologist Uwe Marx, microscopic artificial organs may soon eliminate the need for animal testing. Marx led a keynote speech and presented his company’s newest “human-on-a-chip” prototypes at last week’s ninth World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences. His company, TissUse, develops microchips made up of circulatory networks, living human cells, and tiny pumps that simulate the architecture and activity of human organs. The technology can be used to test medical treatments and substances without using animals. This is a big deal. A 2008 study estimated that 115 million animals are used in laboratory experiments each…
Stockholm(Ramaas) Apr.18, 2014 - Members of the Ethiopian-Somali community elders, businessmen, investors and professionals promise support and vowed to mobilize more resource to see the completion of the Ethiopian Grand renaissance Dam in a meeting organized by the Ethiopian-Somali Community in Sweden on 16 April 2014 at the Embassy of the federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Stockholm. H.E. Mrs Woinshet Tadesse, Ambassador Extra Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of the federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Sweden and other Nordic countries with Consul Hussein Ahmed Omer addressed to the participants on various issues by emphasizing on issues of country’s Growth and Transformation…
Hargeysa(Ramaas)April.10.2014-Wasiirka warfaafinta Itoobiya, Debretsion Michael ayaa ka hadlay dagaalka Al-shabaab ka dhanka ah ee ka socda Soomaaliya, isagoo sheegay in ciidamadooda ay ku sugnaan doonaan Somalia illaa laga adkaanayo Al-shabaab.   “Waxaa naga go’an in Al-shabaab laga saaro Soomaaliya oo dhan, dagaalladu waa kuwo lagu doonayo in dawladda Soomaaliya ay awood u yeelato inay maamusho dalka oo dhan,” ayuu yidhi wasiirka warfaafinta Itoobiya. “Ciidamada Itoobiya waxay ka bixi doonaan Soomaaliya markii Al-shabaab laga saaro Soomaaliya oo dhan, markaas oo ah marka ay AMISOM oo dhan iskaga bixi doonaan Soomaaliya,” ayuu hadalkiisa ku daray Debretsion.   Ramaasnews Hargeysa Desk  
NAIROBI/ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey has stopped direct budgetary support to Somalia, cutting off a major source of funding for a government trying to rebuild the country after more than two decades of chaos. Turkey is a key ally of the Somali government. Its vast humanitarian aid effort at the height of the 2011 famine has endeared the country to many Somali people, especially as Ankara continues to build hospitals and dispatch aid across Somalia. Turkey has backed the Somali government with direct cash aid, in contrast to Western governments who have pledged billions but not in the form of direct…
Irrigation is a method that is practiced to substitute for erratic rainfall situation in anywhere in the world and Somaliland is not an exception. It is important because it enhances the crop yield and maintains moisture in the soil, reducing food insecurity in the country while also helping ensure the plants planted in it are able to absorb the nutrients within the soil more easily. The sources of irrigation in Somaliland are mainly either from shallow wells or deep wells and canals from the nearby streams; the methods of delivery from the above mentioned sources are pipelines and earthen canals…
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